May 5, 2021
Superior ingredients
I found doctor taller has amino acid which is a rare component in height growth product. Moreover, it contains herbs with excellent benefits. After a couple of bottles, I found a big difference; that is, I got 3 inches. OMG. Can't wait to use more to grow higher and higher.
- Ben Verified Buyer
May 5, 2021
Great flavor, easy to chew and swallow for my 8 year old son. No significant result in height improvement after finishing the 1st bottle yet he looks more active and healthier. I hope the good result will come when he keeps using the product.
- jimmy_fox Verified Buyer
May 4, 2021
1 inch 3 months
My 15-year-old daughter is always concerned about her short stature though she has been getting enough sleep as well as a good diet. So, when my friend asked me to try Doctor Taller, I did. She was 60 inches when she started and get nothing after one month. But she has grown about an inch 3 months later and she is now 61 inches. The good thing is that she has grown very strong, so we're going to continue with this.
- Claire Verified Buyer
May 4, 2021
Natural and organic ingredients, so SAFE for kids. Highly recommended
- Betty Swift Verified Buyer
May 2, 2021
I don't see any side effect
There are no side effects after my first bottle. Safe and good product, I mean. Keep using.
- Jix Verified Buyer
April 28, 2021
Got this to boost height for child - results: 2.5 inches growth
I'm this close ? to giving up on purchasing height boosters bc none of them worked for my sweet child. Not until I bought Doctor Taller after reading some positive reviews online. Figured I might try it as the last product but somehow it works. I meant IT MAGICALLY WORKS. How do I know? Obviously by measuring my child's height, which increased by 0.5 inches within 1 month. I was like BOOM...MIND BLOWN...then I keep purchasing for my sweet boy, and after the recommended combo of 6 bottles, his height booster by 2.5 inches. I know it's not cheap but you could save a lot by buying in combos or packs. Welldone team, this family is grateful ?
- Tina Wilson Verified Buyer
April 28, 2021
Changed from another brand to this and was super impressed
We used to let our kiddos take vitamin gummies from another brand but saw no results. They still got sick quite often and they looked rather small. We switched to Doctor taller for kids for 2 months but we could see the changes easily. They have better immunity, get stronger and energetic. They also grow better, with 2 or 3cm increase in height. I'm sure to keep buying this product to help them grow.
- Mia Verified Buyer
April 26, 2021
FAv product
ANyone needs height growth supplement, I'd recommend them this Doctor Taller, it has vitamin d, vitamin k, calcium, zinc, herbs and amino acids, they all beneficial for height growth. I bought it for my twin sons and they're growing really good. My sister was so impressed so I told her about this product and she bought it for her kid too. It works great, specially if your child is a kid or teen, as in the case of my sons and my sister's child.
- Henry Verified Buyer
April 26, 2021
Did my research!
Actually search everywhere for the best children vitamins because I only want the best for my little girl. When we received the product, it looks nice with clear info on the bottle. I did try it first before letting my daughter chew this, it actually tastes good. She loves it so much and doesn't even need us to remind her to take these daily. It works good on her, giving just enough nutrient and energy for her to grow strong and healthy.
- Lincoln Edwards Verified Buyer
April 25, 2021
Doctor taller is a good product
Doctor taller is a good product for grow taller i like it i like this product for grow taller a lot
- Rakessh sharma Verified Buyer
April 24, 2021
These tablets are so yummy
My son can never have enough of these tablets, says they're so yummy and sweet. They support health and growth real good, a must for your little ones!
- Hunter Verified Buyer
April 23, 2021
Love the taste. Works great
Love the taste. Works great
- Chappel Josh Verified Buyer
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