Amanda Torres review about NuBest
"My first impression is its amazing combo of calcium, zinc, vitamin D3 and vitamin K2, infused with an herbal blend that is necessary for strong bone growth as well as overall wellness. Now my son can take his favorite healthy snacks on the cupboard without asking for my help. Surprised!"
Amanda Torres - Utah, USA
Indiara Schimanski review about NuBest
"I always want my handsome boy to grow strong and healthy, and Doctor Taller Kids truly helps me. This product comes with a great amount of vitamins and minerals, particularly vitamin A, vitamin D, calcium, zinc and magnesium, which are all my son needs for his optimal bone growth and health. Best of all, I recognize that with B vitamins (which are great for brain health), I think he'll learn faster and become more active if taking it for a long time."
Indiara Schimanski - California, USA
Sabrina Tewksbury review about NuBest
"What could be wonderful when seeing Jasper growing healthy day by day! I love that this is chewable, not sticky gummy – good for his teeth. Although I still crush it and add it to yogurt or milk for my daughter Olivia, it doesn’t matter since she loves this. Meanwhile, Jasper enjoys chewing since he thinks it’s grape candy – his favorite fruit. Looking at both of my kids takes it every day, I truly see big changes in them."
Sabrina Tewksbury - 𝘖𝘬𝘭𝘢𝘩𝘰𝘮𝘢, USA
November 4, 2021
#1 decision
Our family are vegetarian and trying to eat vegan as much as possible. I have two daughters, so I very careful about what dyes and preservatives in their foods. This vitamin, in my opinion, is super clean. It?s nut-free, dye-free, sugar-free, no gelatin, and vegan ? the most important thing. Since the first days, they love it. Honestly, they just care the texture and taste, as long all are good, they will love. But overall, I am happy with my choice.
- Kiera Hintz Verified Buyer
November 3, 2021
Our constant purchase
Boy at 12 years of age needs such a boost like these to obtain his potential. Doctor Taller has been delivering so far as our boy not only shoots up but he also has better strength and appetite. Of course his healthy meals cooked by me every day also help, and he practices sports quite regularly.
- Mike Markham Verified Buyer
November 2, 2021
Very good - Doctor Taller
My son just completed the first supply and he is excited to continue. He is 14 and attain over 5ft5 after using Doctor Taller. He also has no issues when using it. I will update our next progress, hope it help him gain more inches than last months. By the way, shipping is super quick and service is exceptional.
- Charles Verified Buyer
November 2, 2021
Be patient to get good results
in 2 first months, I didn?t see any drastic changes. I thought it was a scam, but when mom encouraged me to keep taking the remaining ones, good news has come. I found nearly 2 cm the next month and 2 more cm for the last one. Now, mom has bought 4 more bottles so that I can keep growing taller.
- Justina Verified Buyer
October 27, 2021
Helps my 6-year-old more than I can say
Thanks to Doctor Kids I don't get too worried about my kiddo's diet. As a vegan family, our choice of food is quite limited. So when she gets picky about what to eat, it really gives us a headache. With all the nutrients and vitamins from this supplement, I know that she can get enough nutrients her growing body requires. It's been months since we first bought from this brand, and she has been healthier than ever, with fewer incidents of sickness. She's gaining some inches in her height also, which makes us so thrilled and grateful.
- Dani Matthews Verified Buyer
October 26, 2021
Super vegan growth supplement
The growing bodies need an increased level of different nutrients. Although our vegan diet can ensure that, but you know young kids and teens, they don't exactly follow what's best for them and our efforts in preparing their meals are quite helpless. Thank god we accidentally learnt of this great supplement that are exactly what we need for our kids - daughter is 9 and son is 13. They agreed to take these daily and some time passed before I noticed how tall both have become. They used to stand shorter than me but now the girl is as tall as me and her brother is taller than me. I believe this supplement has provided the right amounts of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids that help their bodies grow that much. I already recommended Doctor Taller to many of my friends whose kids are the same age as mine.
- Suzanne Wheeler Verified Buyer
October 25, 2021
A product not to be overlooked
My son (13 years old) has been taking Doctor Taller for nearly a year in combination with his daily stretching and swimming exercise. He enjoys good growth of 3+ inches and reports better-rested sleep since taking. I notice his body looks robust and more balanced. An overall exceptional product not to be overlooked especially if you have a teenager.
- Baxter Churchill Verified Buyer
October 25, 2021
Kids really need this

My son at age 7 never goes a month without getting either some coughs or a runny nose. But since he began on these, he didn't get sick quite frequently. Like last year he only got sick once or twice and each time he got over the illness rather quickly. It must have been this product that enhances his immune system and strengthens his health. As for height he did grow faster than before at around 2-3 inches a year. It's a really multifunctional product that is strongly recommended for your little ones.

- Ansh Roche Verified Buyer
October 25, 2021
Tired of my lil bro constant complaining of his poor height so I got him this; now I regret it because once he stops complaining he begins babbling non-stop about how awesome it is and how his height grows by 2 inches
- Gary Mays Verified Buyer
October 24, 2021
My daughters like this chewable vitamin
Super impressed with the nutritional list of this chewable vitamin compared to other vitamins we tried. This is designed for young kids, not too sweet and not too big so that my daughters can chew with ease. The smell is pleasing as well.
- Llewellyn Verified Buyer
October 22, 2021
Make sure you exercise
I think exercise is the key. I tried hanging and stretching when using this supplement and I grow taller and quicker than my cousin (we are using at the same time, but only me gain 3 inches full while he just 2.6 inches)
- Fremie Verified Buyer
October 22, 2021
Bought for 3 my kids
Give this vitamin to 3 my kids (ages 9, 6, and 3) coz they eat like kids: some days wont eat fruit, some days wont eat vegetables, some day wont eat meat. With this stuff, I feel good coz they can get enough necessary vitamins every day.
- Cali Dibbert Verified Buyer
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