Amanda Torres review about NuBest
"My first impression is its amazing combo of calcium, zinc, vitamin D3 and vitamin K2, infused with an herbal blend that is necessary for strong bone growth as well as overall wellness. Now my son can take his favorite healthy snacks on the cupboard without asking for my help. Surprised!"
Amanda Torres - Utah, USA
Indiara Schimanski review about NuBest
"I always want my handsome boy to grow strong and healthy, and Doctor Taller Kids truly helps me. This product comes with a great amount of vitamins and minerals, particularly vitamin A, vitamin D, calcium, zinc and magnesium, which are all my son needs for his optimal bone growth and health. Best of all, I recognize that with B vitamins (which are great for brain health), I think he'll learn faster and become more active if taking it for a long time."
Indiara Schimanski - California, USA
Sabrina Tewksbury review about NuBest
"What could be wonderful when seeing Jasper growing healthy day by day! I love that this is chewable, not sticky gummy – good for his teeth. Although I still crush it and add it to yogurt or milk for my daughter Olivia, it doesn’t matter since she loves this. Meanwhile, Jasper enjoys chewing since he thinks it’s grape candy – his favorite fruit. Looking at both of my kids takes it every day, I truly see big changes in them."
Sabrina Tewksbury - 𝘖𝘬𝘭𝘢𝘩𝘰𝘮𝘢, USA
September 17, 2021
Double win
My children dont eat meat, so our pediatrician suggest a vitamin supplement. We came across this stuff and it works good. Within 3 first months, we do see both are active, energetic. Moreover, their height has changed a bit. I love they getting good nutrients from this stuff. Even better, they never say NO when I give them every day.
- Timonen Verified Buyer
September 14, 2021
Strongly recommend!
Our family have been trusting this brand for years bc their products are suitable for Halah eaters. My elder boy has been using Doctor Taller while my younger boy is using Doctor Taller for Kids. Both love these and get great results. We strongly recommend this brand!
- Ruben Doherty Verified Buyer
September 13, 2021
Growth takes efforts
My son is 6 and is taller than most of his friends, even as tall as some 7 or 8 year old kids. The secret is that he takes these vitamins, has good rest, and we feed him healthy meals every day. We understand that growth takes efforts, and we're so happy we could help him with that.
- Zain Schmidt Verified Buyer
September 11, 2021
very good, very quality
i think the big difference between my son and his cousin is my son take this stuff and do workouts regularly. moreover, he tries cutting down junk food, that's amazing. And when he done 6 bottles, height improving.
- Emilia Dorner Verified Buyer
September 11, 2021
Good quality
Like this vitamin a lot bc it damn good for my vegetarian kids who can’t have gelatin. This vitamin also comes with good ingredients that I always wanna add to their diet to balance nutrition. And the very good thing, my kids excited to take from the 1st day.
- Maria Verified Buyer
September 8, 2021
No longer nutrient deficient
My baby is so small for her age which makes us worried that she might be nutrient deficient due to picky eating. We had tried to convince her to take other multivitamins but she only agrees to take this Dr Taller Kids. She seems stronger and taller now, and her appetite is quite improved. We no longer worry about nutrient deficiency with Dr Taller Kids. Wholeheartedly recommend this!
- Brent Ramos Verified Buyer
September 6, 2021
Doctor Taller is a very good stuff
Besides of giving these growth pills twice a day for my 9year old son, I encourage him to follow a balanced diet I tried making every day. He seem enjoy and start getting some good changes on both appetite and energy. And after 1 month, he ask me for signing up a swimming club nearby and eager to go swimming 2 per week. And do you know what happen? 3 months and a half later, he gets over 1 inch. Importantly, he always healthy and strong, no fatigue.
- Opal Verified Buyer
September 5, 2021
I am EXTREMELY happy with this product! This is just my personal case but we are a vegan family and I am afraid our plant-based meals do not provide enough nutrients for our 8-year-old kid as he is slightly picky and only agrees to eat certain foods. But this came as a savior for us. It increases his appetite, improves his bone strength and more than that, it makes him visibly taller and healthier. I can rest assured that my kid now has sufficient nutrients he needs and is growing as healthy as any other kid!
- Marissa Yang Verified Buyer
September 4, 2021
Love this vegan pill
Hard to find a vegan supplement, let alone something that works as well as this. I can definitely feel my son taller (because his pants look shorter). Thanks for a pill that helps with height growth.
- Isabella Sweeney Verified Buyer
September 4, 2021
Greatly recommended
Since starting on these 3 years ago, my boy's bones are stronger, his height growth is on the top percentile, he also has great immunity. I can't ask for better results.
- Jillian Sawyer Verified Buyer
September 3, 2021
Good pick
I always say No with artificial ingredients, so happy to find this stuff with just clean and natural ones, and no cover with sugar. My daughter likes it and I super happy to know she receiving the best quality.
- Durgan Verified Buyer
September 3, 2021
Favorable results
My kid cannot take regular multivitamins because she, like everyone in my fam, follows kosher diet. She doesn't have this problem with this multivitamins and has gotten favorable results from Doctor Kids.
- Jago Morin Verified Buyer
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